JemJem CEO, Jay Kim's Continuously Undertaking Challenges in Introducing Revolutionary Innovative Products

Jay Kim has a compelling distant vision and stimulating openness to new ideas, which is essential to lead the next wave of innovation.

Jay Kim, JemJem’s CEO, announced the launch of 360-degree camera along with With the acquisition of just a year ago, and presently managing,,, and JemJem, Jay Kim is identifying the fields, where his endeavors will be able to achieve long-term growth and high profitability with its revolutionary products and exclusive technological knowhow.

"To bring transformational advancements in the technology sector, we must invest in experts that are prepared to do something what some might consider out-of-the-box approaches,” says Mr. Jay Kim. “Doing something innovative entails a risk of failures, but we have to overcome these stumbling blocks. Without risk, there is hardly significant reward, and unless we try truly unique, we may never find the solutions we seek.”

We are exploring multiple business horizons and are consistently meeting customer expectations with the robust business foothold built and strong operational competency in every field.

Jay Kim, CEO, JemJem

Jay Kim is soon launching 360-degree camera along with For Bluetooth earphones lovers, will prove to be a good deal, as sooner to launch iPhones will only work with Bluetooth and it will be the trend in the upcoming time. Both these products would be available on their websites as well as on,,, and

These perspectives clearly illustrate his way of thinking about the management of companies, which is now getting prevalent in the tech community and much of the business world. It centers on the idea that administrator’s role is not only to maximize the value of the shares but addressing a wide range of areas - from performance measurement to the corporate responsibilities, also falls into his accountabilities.

About Jay Kim:

Jay Kim is the CEO and President at, Inc.,,,, and He holds visions for each of his business units - and for most of the projects he undertakes, whether it's a launch of refurbished Apple products or a new hot-chocolate recipe at, visioning is quite much a part of what he and his organizations do.


About Jem Jem

JemJem is the largest online retailer of refurbished apple products offering more varieties of refurbished Apple products than other sites, and pride ourselves for having an accessible stock that is often available at over 50% off the retail price.

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