Now Offering Free 1-Year Battery Warranty for a Limited Time

iPhones has just announced its exclusive limited time offer of Free 1-Year Battery Warranty to its customers purchasing from May 1 to June 30. While already being an industry leader for certified refurbished Apple and Samsung products, JemJem aims to make consumers more comfortable in their purchasing of certified refurbished iPhones, MacBook’s, iPads, and more by guaranteeing the very life-source of their products, the battery.

“We are always looking for ways to take better care of our customers,” said Jay Kim, CEO of JemJem. He further added, “With the addition of our limited time Free 1-Year Battery Warranty, we want our customers to know that they are getting the best quality products for the best prices from us – with no worries.”

JemJem continues to thrive in the Certified Refurbished industry and has always taken its customers satisfaction into heavy consideration. It has been verified by Apple that their phones are programmed to “slow down” when their battery capacity diminishes. Taking this into mind, JemJem aims to guarantee their customers top of the line performance and worry-free purchasing of their certified refurbished iPhones, refurbished MacBook’s, refurbished iPads, and more.

About JemJem is the largest online retailer of refurbished Apple and Samsung products in the United States. Coupled with their rigorous quality control, expert product knowledge and superior customer service, customers can be confident they are getting the best products at the best prices. With the utmost confidence in their products and service, each product comes with a 90-day warranty.

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