Jeff Works - South Plainfield, NJ: Announces New, Comprehensive Plan for Co-Working Experience

A Modern Workspace for the Modern Worker

Jeff Works - South Plainfield, NJ

Jeff Works, a new, incredibly affordable co-working space for remote workers, recently opened its doors in South Plainfield, NJ, with a flexible, convenient and affordable Hot Desk plan, all managed from your smartphone. Now, the South Plainfield Hadley Center location announces the new Dedicated Desk plan. Based on member feedback from the original Hot Desk model, the new Dedicated Desk provides additional services and accommodations for a top-of-the-line co-working experience. Jeff Works' workspaces are designed to counter the specific challenges faced by today's remote worker, providing a worry- and distraction-free environment with optional private rooms for rent. The comfortable and convenient workspaces are built to supplement at-home workers' primary workspaces, allowing them to stay in the neighborhood while escaping the distractions found at home. Jeff Works meets the needs of freelancers, small business operators, students, and anyone needing an out-of-home professional and quiet space.

Available in both the Apple Store and Google Play, the Jeff Works app is a one-stop-shop for booking any and all of the services available, taking the stress out of planning out the day. While the ability to work and study from home comes with some attractive benefits, such as added comfort and more time for oneself, it also comes with some challenges and requirements that may make the lifestyle difficult for some. Jeff Works shoulders some of that burden by providing a comfortable and distraction-free environment with the amenities that may be missing at home, including desk space, ergonomic seating, high-speed internet, board rooms, mailing address and even free coffee.

The Hot Desk plan at Jeff Works gives members unlimited access to workspaces and lounges, the option to reserve private meeting rooms, access to high-speed internet, and unlimited free coffee. The new Dedicated Desk plan, launching this month, includes all of this as well as:

  • An exclusive, private desk with dual monitors and a mouse and keyboard.
  • Unlimited access to private phone booths for quiet phone calls.
  • Free printer use for up to 120 pages per month (additional pages are available for a fee, and printing services are also available to Hot Desk members for a fee).
  • A virtual office to be used as a business address—great for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Two guest passes per month.

"We've learned that a staggering 85% of workers in the U.S. would prefer to work from home, but that isn't always entirely possible for some people," says Dania Cotlear Stuart, Global Head of Product Marketing for Jeff Works. "Whether it be kids, pets or people preventing you from having a quiet place to work; poor internet preventing you from working at all, or even the lack of social interaction giving you cabin fever; Jeff Works is the ideal solution and here to provide a place that eliminates all of those issues."

The Jeff Works co-working space is Jeff's answer to the unique needs of the modern worker and student, more and more of whom have been transitioning to remote work and virtual studies in recent years. As of September of 2021, 41% of all white-collar workers in the United States were working exclusively from home. By the end of 2022, roughly 25% of all American workers are expected to do the same. While in the U.S. coffee shops have long been known for being a second home to online workers, students, and writers, in parts of Asia and Europe, co-working spaces have been on the rise in their stead. The co-working environment is designed to be a comfortable and productive space in which to work, while also acting as an office space, which is great for remote workers who crave social interactions. Jeff Works offers all of this and more with its bright and open interior, comfortable and ergonomic desk chairs, break lounges, and included high-speed internet, all for just the equivalent price of about three cups of coffee a month.

Folks who are already familiar with co-working spaces may know them for being quite expensive, with some memberships costing hundreds of dollars per month. Jeff Works aims to change that standard and, in turn, change the image of the American co-working world as a whole. Jeff Works believes in reasonably priced accommodations and are leading by example with low prices unlike any other co-working space. The standard Hot Desk plan is available for as low as $15 per month—similar to the price of the few coffees generally required to remain seated in a coffee shop. Now the comprehensive Dedicated Desk plan will be available for as low as $99 per month—less than half the cost of comparable plans at existing American co-working spaces.

"We don't just want to enter the world of co-working spaces; we want to disrupt it," says Justin Oshins, Co-Founder of Jeff Works. "We are doing that by listening to the feedback, praises, and concerns of the public, building on those, and offering the best work environment possible, at an unbeatable price."

Jeff Works can be found in South Plainfield's Hadley Center, near Kohl's. For more information about Jeff Works, and for answers to frequently asked questions, visit

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Stacey Bender

Source: Jeff Works

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