Jay Chou Sold 10+ Million USD Worth of NFTs to Rank 4th Place Globally Next to Cryptopunk

10,000 NFTs sold in five minutes. Asia's top singer and actor of the Green Hornet, working with Ezek.io to create fantasy streetwear NFTs.


Jay Chou, Asia's most popular singer, recently released an NFT series called Phantabear, which is currently among the top four most sold NFT series on Opensea. Over 10,000 NFTs, each costing more than 1,000 USD, were sold in less than five minutes, banking them over 10 million USD and breaking the record for the fastest selling NFT in the world in terms of quantity and price. Ranking right next to Cryptopunk, this is the first time a film celebrity broke into the top 5 chart.

Jay Chou wants to create a new type of NFT by transforming real avant-garde streetwear from his brand PHANTACi into clothing featured on virtual bears. Jay hopes to sell virtual NFT clothing in the future that is both accessible in the gaming metaverse and physically wearable in reality.

Last week, Jay Chou debuted his NFTs on a new platform called "Ezek.io." Mark Geng, a film producer; Will Liu, a popular actor/celebrity; and Ed Ow, a serial tech entrepreneur, founded Ezek.io. Ezek.io is focused on developing novel forms of NFT and diversifying from the NFTs currently available on the market, such as the current collaboration with Jay Chou, with the goal of selling NFTs representing both virtual and real fashionwear. In the future, Ezek.io plans to continually expand unique NFTs, and collaborate with other celebrities and popular artists.

In just seven days since Ezek launched their Discord community, over 50,000 people have joined. Among the first round of seed investors are some of the world's top crypto investors, such as the Everest Ventures Group,  Highstreet Ventures, Bonfire Union, Y2Z Ventures, AVATAR (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), rct AI, Annunaki Labs Ltd., and others.

Jay Chou has a long track record of selling art at Sotheby's. In Sotheby's auctions, Jay Chou helped raise a total of 109 million USD. It became part of auctioneering lore. He's making history yet again by becoming the first Asian singer to sell a record number of NFTs through Ezek.io.

For more information be sure to visit https://ezek.io/

Media Kit: https://rb.gy/rjuxva

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