Jason McDonald Announces New Content on SEO Expert Witness Services

Jason McDonald is a leading expert on digital marketing. He is announcing new content that may be helpful for attorneys seeking a best-in-class expert witness for topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO Expert Witness

Jason McDonald, an expert consultant and author on search engine optimization and social media marketing, is proud to announce new website content on SEO expert witness services. As search engines such as Google, Amazon, and Bing grow increasingly important, litigation is also increasing and hence the demand for expert witness services in search engine optimization.

"I have been working on SEO since at least 1994," explained Dr. McDonald, Director of the Jason McDonald SEO Consulting Agency. "Nowadays, SEO remains both simple and complex. It's simple in that the basics such as On Page and Off Page SEO still matter greatly. It's complex in that novices may not understand the tips, tricks, and secrets to success on SEO. In addition, competitors and even ex-employees may cause problems for a company via SEO techniques. For this reason, I see a growing interest in my SEO expert witness services not just in California but throughout the United States."

Persons interested in learning more about the new SEO content can visit the newly updated landing page at https://www.jasonmcdonald.org/seo-consultant/seo-expert-witness/. As that page explains, an SEO expert witness is a person well-versed in On Page and Off Page SEO. That is, first, he can explain how web pages (and websites) are built to be Google-friendly, by inserting keywords and semantic text into strategy locations such as the TITLE tag, META DESCRIPTION tag, and the production of content usually being part of something like website seo services. Second, he can explain how external or Off Page SEO tactics are used to communicate to Google. This can involve link-building, social media authority, and even the use of social mentions. Third, an efficient expert witness in search engine optimization is a person who can also explain metrics. What are the KPIs and goals? How are these measured in common analytics programs such as Google Analytics?


Jason McDonald is director of The JM Internet Group (https://www.jm-seo.org/), a leading online training company. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1992, and now both teaches and consults for San Francisco Bay Area businesses in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords. In addition to those services, he has been recognized as an expert witness in litigation on Internet marketing. He has several popular books on Amazon on the topic of Internet marketing.

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