Japan Brings Smart City to the World in October, 2013

Third Smart City Week to tackle "City Innovation" as Projects Worldwide Move to the Implementation Stage.

Can Smart City be Good Business? With "City Innovation" as its focus, Smart City Week 2013, slated for October 21 to 25 in Yokohama, Japan, will bring together some 30,000 participants from across Japan and the world to tackle some of the most challenging questions facing businesses, governments and individuals pushing for fundamental change in how to live a smarter, greener and sustainable life.

In his book "Smart City, The Gateway to Business", Yosuke Mochizuki, Director of Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. and the Executive Organizer of this, the world's largest Smart City related event, states, "From this point forward, Smart City will likely make an impact on every existing industry; but not simply in regard to financial power. The elements of Smart City including the smart gird, smart house, smart buildings, cars, emission control, recycling, and all inter-related fields will blend with a variety of industries."

Venue Locale "Port Future 21" Minato Mirai 21 exemplifies Smart City Innovation

As a magnet for smart city thinkers everywhere, this year will mark the third time Nikkei Business Publications brings the groundbreaking international conference and exhibition to one of the world's most beautifully connected cities, Yokohama, Japan. With efficient transportation infrastructure linking Yokohama to downtown Tokyo by just under 25 minutes in addition to the venue area known as "Minato Mirai 21" or "Port Future 21" boasting myriad accommodation, culinary, art, healthcare, amusement, learning, business and shopping options, the conference location itself presents a cutting edge peek into cities of tomorrow.

Smart City Week continues to evolve under the New Smart City Declaration espoused in October 2011 at the culmination of the first conference and these concepts will infuse the seminars and exhibition activities this year as well:

1. Citizens and Enterprises

The key players in Smart Cities are their citizens, and enterprises engaged in industrial activities. Together they will realize an optimal society.

2. Quality of Life of Citizens

The objective of Smart Cities is to further enhance the quality of life (QOL) of their citizens.

3. Clear Vision

It is essential for Smart Cities to have a clear vision and to be promoted in accordance with that vision.

4. Always Evolving

Smart Cities will continue to evolve ahead of the needs of citizens and changes in the local communities.

5. Japan's Contribution to the World

Japan will transmit to the world its experience in building better societies through overcoming natural disasters and the demographic issues of a low birth rate and aging population.
Smart City projects are being carried out across the globe, from Europe and the United States to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Gaining particular attention is Iskandar Malaysia, Jakarta, South Africa, and other high-profile areas, cities, and projects. Smart City Week 2013 will invite the people and developers responsible for each project to share their vision and the steps being taken toward implementation.

The international conference will feature Japanese/English simultaneous interpretation to create an inclusive atmosphere of communication and understanding for all participants.

As Smart City Week 2013 showcases budding projects around the world, this dynamic field remains predominantly uncharted and how these technologies impact our lives could literally change us up to a whole new interconnectivity in lifestyle.

Mochizuki offers, "Typical industry standards and business models are not compatible here. We need to be of the mindset that this is equivalent to the IT world of the 1980's, when Google and Yahoo did not yet exist. If we continuously approach new field with old framework, we will miss the chance for new business acquisition."

Smart cities, which have been steered by local governments and companies, are in the process of moving from the experimental stage to the stage of social implementation. Smart City Week 2013 will offer a variety of programs drawing in a wide range of stakeholders with the aim of fleshing out the specifics of city innovation. Together with conventional players and technologies involved in community building, Smart City Week 2013 will usher in new players, technologies, and services in order to stimulate city innovation.

A Broad Range of Topics Covered to Inspire City Innovation Across the Globe

Among topics slated for the conference (featuring English/Japanese simultaneous interpretation) are the concept of big data in the industrial internet from the viewpoint of a leading strategist from General Electric, a discussion of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model of urban innovation by the Sandy Springs Georgia (USA) city manager, a presentation revolving around the book "The Day the Hospital Overtook Toyota" by Shigemi Kitahara which describes an emerging smart solution in Japan exemplified by Kitahara International Hospital in Hachioji, Tokyo. In this case, the hospital is at the center of town creation and a unique local currency is utilized to reduce medical costs and realize a dynamic participatory effect with patients and their families.

Yet again, October 2013 is set to mark significant steps forward in smart city imagination, planning, realization. Pre-registration will allow you free entrance to the exhibition section of the conference from October 23 to 25 and you can also register for seminars and meetings (some meetings require an admission fee)

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