JangoMail Lets Marketers Track Recipients by Email Client

New Feature Detects the Browser and Device or Platform Recipients Use to Read Emails

JangoMail (www.jangomail.com), an industry leader in permission-based email marketing, announced a major new feature to its email marketing platform. For the first time, marketers can further personalize their email campaigns by seeing which platform recipients are using to open their emails. This new feature supports the use of most browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Chrome, and Thunderbird.

"This new service feature will give email marketers greater insight into who their recipients are as suggested by the types of browsers or mobile devices they use," said Ajay Goel, founder and CEO of JangoMail. "Now marketers can match not only the right look and feel for each email platform, but also the message."

Much about a user can be determined by a user's mobile device of choice. Blackberry users are generally believed to be executives with a strong loyalty to the Blackberry brand while iPhone lovers tend to be young, affluent and tech-savvy. Various research suggests there are also unique demographics tied to browser use. For instance, most Firefox users are 18 to 24 years old and often students logging in from universities to visit educational, bookstore, and tech-related sites (comScore). With this data, marketers can better segment and customize their campaigns and drive more success in their overall email marketing efforts.

With JangoMail's new email client tracking feature, marketers can track:

• The email client each individual recipient opened the email with-including browser name and version/type
• Aggregate totals on how many emails were opened per email client
• How many of each email client type was used to open emails in a specific transactional email group

For more information, please visit: www.jangomail.com.