JangoMail Issues New Email Marketing Survey Results

61% of Marketers Push Three or More Calls to Action in Emails; 50% are Almost Always Pleased with Results

Bellbrook, OH - JangoMail (www.jangomail.com), an industry leader in permission-based email marketing, today announced results of a survey that shows 61% of email marketers include three or more calls to action in their emails. This number is even higher (67%) among those who report consistent campaign success.

"Less is more in email marketing, but it seems marketers have learned to present calls to action in ways that draw acceptable levels of response," said JangoMail CEO and Founder Ajay Goel.

With today's calls to action including invitations to connect through social media, JangoMail's research suggests customers are willing to establish a variety of touch points for company interaction.

JangoMail's survey also found most marketers have adopted best and ethical practices:

• 68% segment their email lists
• 86% remove unsubscribers
• 65% read 3 or more marketing publications or blogs
• 88% often use advanced tools such as Google Analytics or geotracking analysis

Of those surveyed, 50% are usually pleased with campaign results, 40% are sometimes pleased, and 10% are almost never pleased.

A greater number of marketers who consistently enjoy campaign success regularly segment their email lists (82%), root out unsubscribes (92%), read 3 or more marketing publications (77%) and use reporting tools such as Google Analytics or geotracking analysis (90%).

Of the least successful, few segment their lists (18%), remove unsubscribers (46%), read three or more marketing publications (9%), or use Google Analytics (55%).

"Success in email marketing clearly sides with those who tap the many tools and educational resources out there," continued Mr. Goel. "Customers listen to the companies that take care in reaching out to them."

204 non-customer marketers participated in JangoMail's survey anonymously via Twitter, Facebook and email in August 2010.