James Viscuglia Has Merged Cambridge Trading Academy With Trading Made Easy

The company offers the software and educational courses needed to make day trading accessible to all.

Cambridge Trading Academy Day Trading

Serial entrepreneur James Viscuglia II has merged Cambridge Trading Academy with his other company Trading Made Easy. Viscuglia aims to help the everyday person be able to successfully day trade and enjoy the financial benefits derived from the stock market. Through Trading Made Easy and Cambridge Trading Academy, which just launched in January 2018, Viscuglia offers his knowledge, expertise, and propriety trading software.

In 2015, Viscuglia started a day trading group that has grown to more than 300 members. The daily trading sessions take place Monday through Friday. New users are invited to log into the virtual trading room so they can see exactly what group members are doing to earn a full-time income from home.

“I’m very excited to merge Cambridge Trading Academy with Trading Made Easy and continue to grow this company,” says Viscuglia. “This is the perfect opportunity for those who have never traded before that want to learn or those who want to advance their skills and knowledge in day trading. People fail at trading when they try to learn out of a book. They have some success followed by failure, and then they quit. What I offer is something completely different. It’s a real opportunity to learn and be connected with others to tap into their knowledge and expertise. We trade as a family.”

The day trading group uses Viscuglia’s software, which runs 23 hours a day and notifies the user with a ping when there is a trade. They then have three to five minutes to make the trade if they desire. The proprietary software is based on the Stock Trendline and EMA Stock line but has been reversed-engineered and set at a different timeline. His group does price action trading and earn when the market goes up or down.

Once the software is purchased, the user can download it on one or multiple devices including mobile devices and computers, both Microsoft or on a Mac. The software is easy to use, color-coded and is at a 9th-grade level. Viscuglia is both a teacher and mentor. New users that purchase the software and join the group have access to phone and online training that ranges from two weeks up to 30 days. Viscuglia also offers an advanced four-day course in Las Vegas.

The training teaches someone who knows nothing about day trading and gives them access to the more than 50 years of combined knowledge and tips from those in the industry. New users start their training in SIM on the S&P E-mini on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Then they open their own brokerage account and trade with real money.

The trading group also just started trading on the German DAX. There will be new training sessions offered in the mornings from 7:00 am to 9:00 am PST as well as in the evening. Viscuglia also plans to start offering training sessions on trading with cryptocurrency. He is also live streaming a live trading session, which will be accessible via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Visit the company websites to learn more about Viscuglia and the merged Trading Made Easy and Cambridge Trading Academy.

About James Viscuglia II

James Viscuglia II is a visionary, speaker, and serial entrepreneur as well as the founder and CEO of holding the company and a day trading group. Now residing in Las Vegas, Viscuglia is originally from western New York where he was a machinist and computer programmer. For more information, visit JamesViscuglia.com. Follow on Twitter @JamesViscuglia.

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Our intensive curriculum takes traders from point A to point B; teaching someone that knows nothing about day trading and giving them all of our 50+ years of combined knowledge and tips from our careers in the industry.

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