Cambridge Trading Academy Announces Big Profits With New X PRO Software

Cambridge Trading Academy is running successful nighttime trading on their new X PRO software.

Cambridge Trading Academy

Cambridge Trading Academy members are seeing big profits and gains from using the company’s new day trading X PRO software. The academy runs a day trading group that has been trading at night on the German DAX market. The software also runs on the E-Mini S&P 500 Future Stock. Using the propriety software, the day trading group made history with 322 points in Feb. 2018.

The software is so simple that it operates at a 9th-grade level and runs 23 hours a day. It notifies the user with a ping when there is a trade. The user then has three to five minutes to make the trade if they desire. The software is based on the Stock Trendline and EMA Stock line, which has been reversed-engineered and set at a different timeline. The group does price action trading and earns when the market goes up or down. The group has been very successful finishing each week and month in the positive.

The Cambridge Trading Academy X PRO software and rules are easy to understand because they indicate when to enter a trade and when to get out of a trade. Users just have to follow the six simple indicators and be patient. Once the software is purchased, the user can download it on any computer or mobile device or multiple devices.

The company already has some great testimonials on their website. Glenn writes, “Day trading takes time and patience. You can make a good living at it, but you can lose a lot of money too. Eighty percent of people that try day trading on their own without software or without a support group will fail. That’s why I’m in the trading sessions at least twice a week to keep in trading form.”

Training with Cambridge Trading Academy can last up to a month. The intensive curriculum takes traders from point A to point B. It teaches someone that knows nothing about day trading and gives them access to the more than 50 years of combined knowledge and tips from those in the industry. They also live stream a live trading session, which is accessible via Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter.

The company is offering their software to the public for a free trial. To learn more about the new X PRO software and to test it for free, visit

Cambridge Trading Academy

Cambridge Trading Academy is a day trading group that acts as a support for fellow day traders and as an educational institute working to equip others to determine for themselves what the right moves are in the trading field. To learn more, visit

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Our intensive curriculum takes traders from point A to point B; teaching someone that knows nothing about day trading and giving them all of our 50+ years of combined knowledge and tips from our careers in the industry.

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