Izenda Sees a Growing Need for Embedded BI Solutions

Software provider traces recent growth numbers to business demand for embedded BI that serves end users

Business demand for embedded BI solutions has only continued to grow for Izenda, an Atlanta-based provider of embedded analytics for organizations ranging from Willis Towers Watson to Aldi.

Since their latest software release in January 2017, Izenda’s recurring revenue has more than doubled. From Q2 2017 to Q2 2018 alone, top-line growth jumped by 231 percent, and Izenda conservatively estimates that its analytics solutions support 5,000 applications and reach three million daily end users.

Commenting on the numbers, Vice President of Marketing Josh West notes: “While this increase is a big win for our company, it actually points to something much greater.

“Organizations are torn between focusing on their core competencies and bringing insights to end users. We’re seeing more businesses turn to our embedded BI solutions to bridge that gap. In fact, Izenda impacts roughly 20,000 organizations.”  

Executive Chairman Chris Carter attributes the company’s growth to the team and the market’s acceptance of the new Izenda platform.

“The team at Izenda did a great job building a new product while working with clients to understand their embedded reporting and visualization requirements and desires,” Carter explains. “We have nearly 100 clients on the new stack, and we are continuing to invest in the platform and create turn-key reporting and visualization experiences for our clients. Adding talent to the team enables us to curate a unique, seamless experience for end users’ reporting needs.”

For the remainder of 2018, Izenda expects to partner with even more businesses needing seamlessly integrated, white-label business intelligence software. Izenda is also reinvesting in future growth—working on a number of projects to add value to its platform.

About Izenda

Izenda is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical insights to end users across industries. Thanks to Izenda’s embedded BI solutions, businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications while conserving development resources and reducing time to market. Learn more about Izenda at https://www.izenda.com.

Source: Izenda