Izenda Furthers Its Vision to Bring Best-in-Class Embedded Analytics Solutions to Businesses of All Sizes

Embedded BI provider introduces its new Vice President of Product, Jaimi Panini

Izenda is announcing a new Vice President of Product to support its initiative to continue providing best-in-class embedded analytics solutions to organizations — no matter their size.

On July 9, 2018, Izenda continued to invest in product innovation by hiring Jaimi Panini as its VP of Product. Panini will lead the Izenda team by exploring cutting-edge technologies that deliver value to Izenda’s clients and their end users.

With a professional background that includes organizations such as Moxie Interactive, Inc., Sharecare, Inc., and Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc., Panini holds a strong track record of identifying innovative opportunities and delivering consumer-centric solutions that tackle the root cause of customer pain points.

As an application-based intelligence provider, Izenda recognizes that a significant pain point for many businesses is the substantial resources required to implement robust, yet flexible, BI solutions for applications. With Panini’s thoughtful, empathetic approach to technology, Izenda is confident that it will continue to listen to the voice of its customers to break down cost-prohibitive barriers and, ultimately, drive innovation.

"I worked with Jaimi at Sharecare, and he is a strong addition to the Izenda team," Executive Chairman Chris Carter commented. "We have experienced tremendous market traction since our new platform launched last January. Jaimi's expertise in agile product development and experience delivering innovative products will continue to help our clients explore and present their data in novel ways. We are excited to have him onboard.”

Panini also offered remarks on the event.  

“It’s great to be joining an organization with such a mature and robust product that’s so highly respected and valued by its customer base,” Panini explained. “This is such an exciting space. There’s a reason that data governance and utilization are part of so many business objectives and product roadmaps. It’s my goal to ensure Izenda exceeds expectations as a trusted partner for all our clients.”

Izenda is already seeing the impact of Panini’s efforts. After joining the team, the new VP of product immediately launched client interviews, giving Izenda important insights into improving its client experience.

About Izenda

Providing application-based intelligence solutions to organizations both large and small, Izenda helps businesses bring insights to their end users. Thanks to its seamless integration into business applications, Izenda empowers clients with a cost-effective, cutting-edge solution that allows them to focus on their core competencies. Learn more about Izenda at https://www.izenda.com.

Source: Izenda