IWON organics Leans Into Giving Back in Response to COVID-19

Snack Donations by IWON

IWON organics, a fast-growing, better-for-you snack company, has taken an active role in supporting food shelter, healthcare and first responder organizations during this challenging time. The company has donated over 5,000 bags of protein snacks to these nonprofits, offering them nutritious, ready-to-eat options as they respond to COV-19.

IWON stepped in with this initiative from the beginning of these uncertain days, committing shipments of 250 protein snack cases to those confined to their homes. This early engagement was followed closely by partnerships with several nonprofits, including Promobile Kitchen and #FoundersGive, which donate meals and care packages to front-liners in New York City hospitals. Additionally, IWON participated in “April Foods Day”, on April 1, in partnership with L&L and other companies. Participating organizations donated snacks to Feed the Children, a nationwide charity helping areas affected by COVID-19.  

IWON is well-known for providing flavor-infused, better-for-you, on-the-go snacks, filled with protein and fiber and made from real food. However, it has always been a part of the company's mission to give back. "Foundationally, we're a company that's all about making other people feel good. Whether through our snack offerings or giving back, it's something we lean heavily into," stated Mark Samuel, founder and CEO of IWON organics.  

The company’s donations will continue. IWON is running a one case for one case program on the company website. For every purchase, IWON donates a protein snack case to a Central Valley California food bank.

IWON organics’ protein snacks are also available in specialty nutrition stores and grocers throughout the country. For a list of locations near you, please visit: https://iwonorganics.com/apps/where-to-buy

About IWON organics:

IWON organics is a pioneer in successfully formulating protein snacks that combine bold flavors with the healthiest plant-based proteins and certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. Our snacks are soy-free, gluten-free, with low sugar options and multiple vegan flavors. As discerning shoppers with active lifestyles continue to make informed choices about their food sources, IWON offers them an on-the-go protein snack that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

We choose to source clean, sustainable, non-GMO, organic ingredients because we want to ensure that when consumers snack with us, they are enjoying the healthiest possible ingredients, keeping them on track to feel great as they meet their overall health goals.

For more information visit: http://iwonorganics.com/

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