IVR Technology Group Receives World-Class NPS Score From Its Customers

IVR Technology Group has recently announced its net promoter score of +83, more than two times the average score for companies in their Industry.


IVR Technology Group, a leader in multi-channel business communications and payments by phone, text, web, chat and social messaging, today announces its world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +83. The score is the result of a customer survey sent in August of this year, with 57 customers responding, and is considered to be a “world-class” rank for any industry.

“IVR Technology Group’s number one priority is to help our customers deliver delightful interactions for their customers. I am so pleased to have received such a noteworthy score and to know that our hard work and dedication to our clients is highly recognized,” said Mike Byrne, CEO of IVR Technology Group.

Net Promoter Score, commonly referred to as NPS, measures a company's overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Calculated by asking customers how likely they would endorse the company, it has quickly become a standard for assessing a company's performance. Respondents score their willingness to recommend a company from 0 to 10, with 0 through 6 representing detractors, and 9 and 10 being promoters. The score is the result of subtracting the percentage of detractors from that of promoters. Any score above zero is considered good, scores above 50 are excellent, and scores above 70 are "World Class," according to Bain & Company, co-creators of the Net Promoter Score.

"Our most important core value is 'Deliver Wow As A Service," says Wey Wey Wong, company CXO, "So, it's great to receive this validation, and even better, some of the unsolicited comments:"

  • "I work with many vendors, and IVR Tech is by far the best to work with."

  • "Consistently excellent quality product, timelines met and exceptional customer service."

  • "I wish more vendors were this customer friendly."

  • "IVR Technology Group is a solid and well-run organization."

IVR Technology Group provides a range of business communications and payments by phone, text, chat, web and social media. The majority of customer deployments require some degree of customized implementation, from hooks to payment gateways to complex integration with legacy systems for large contact centers. "Because most of our customers require a lot of custom work, this score is more than a huge endorsement of our CX and product engineering teams," says company President, Akash Desai. "It's everyone, putting their best foot forward."


About IVR Technology Group
IVR Technology Group’s passion is to connect people to information to help companies improve customer experiences. IVR builds secure voice and text applications and focuses on compliance, data security, and delightful user interactions. We are passionate about our customer’s success.

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IVR Technology Group's passion is to connect people to information to help companies deliver delightful customer experiences. IVR provides a full stack of voice and text applications with a security-first mandate on compliance and data security.

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