iVANZi Launches Wholesale Platform With Revolutionary, Disruptive Payment Options

SoHo-based online marketplace specializes in emerging and independent brands

Following the successful recent launch of iVANZi.com — a curated marketplace dedicated to independent and emerging brands — Retail Linx is officially unveiling iVANZi’s Wholesale platform.

The SoHo-based startup aims to empower emerging small-scale makers and independent retailers by introducing the retail shopping experience to wholesale buyers and sellers and providing unique payment options.

iVANZi independently verifies and vets both wholesale sellers and buyers. Once approved, makers can upload their inventory and have it immediately accessible to the pre-approved wholesale buyers, making the request for quotations, transactions and communication seamless and time efficient.

More significantly, iVANZi Wholesale offers two revolutionary and provisionally patented payment options: Joint Sale and Net iVANZi. iVANZi’s innovative “Joint Sale” allows suppliers to display products on retailers’ shelves in a 30- or 60-day product cycle. Unlike traditionally consignment terms, iVANZi’s Joint Sale program automates the process and guarantees that the retailer pays only for what is sold and the supplier only receives payment for sold merchandise. The only expense for the retailer is the cost of shipment of unsold merchandise back to the supplier at the end of the product cycle.  

Net iVANZi, meanwhile, is a form of trade credit that allows retailers to immediately purchase from independent makers. Specifically, this unique program provides an approved wholesale buyer with a short-term micro-loan of up to $10,000 to be used as credit for purchase on iVANZi Wholesale.

According to Abdul Thunayan, Retail Linx’s Saudi-born founder and CEO: “Retail Linx is changing the way retail does business. Our mission is to empower independent retailers and small-scale makers by giving them the tools in a challenging retail environment.” 

He continues: “We want to redefine click to brick and connect offline retail with online retail on multiple levels.”

Following the launch of iVANZi Wholesale will be the official unveiling of iVANZi POP (previously in beta) — a platform that enables users to rent retail space for short term or long term. “iVANZi POP addresses the biggest concerns facing small and large businesses — increasing overhead costs, inventory management, surging retail expenses and limited opportunity to place merchandise in brick and mortar stores. Its services not only benefits smaller shops with little capital, but also big box stores and independent retailers looking to reduce real estate and overhead expenses,” says Thunayan.

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