Ivacy Launches Regional Websites

The cybersecurity company has launched 4 regional websites to expand its services to the masses

Ivacy, a leading name in the Cyber Security space, just announced the launch of 4 regional websites:

The websites are made available in the above-mentioned languages and will accept respective currency to facilitate its global user base to the fullest.

As you can see, our goal is to ensure Ivacy is easily available and accessible to everyone so the non-English internet users are not neglected from cyber security which I believe is a must-have service considering the pace by which cyber crimes are increasing. Our team is already working on other localized websites and you would hear about it soon.

Alan Martin, Business Manager

Since most website visitors prefer information to be in their native language, many users seek localized websites despite their fluency in English. Clearly, websites in local languages, have the upper hand in user experience because of the relatability factor, compared to the generalized or international website. This could be a major driving force behind Ivacy’s initiative to offer multilingual security offerings & support.

From a business’ perspective, this helps Ivacy spread its reach across major European regions and offer its digital security solutions in these lucrative markets.

Surely this is a pretty smart move by the Singapore based security company to increase their global presence. Cybersecurity indeed is the need of the time and Ivacy realizes the impending danger of unprotected internet and hence is not holding back from making its services available to everyone.

Source: Ivacy