iTacit Adds Leading Manufacturing and Employability Training by 180 Skills to Award-Winning Platform

Manufacturing Skills Training

With the addition of 180 Skills' catalogue of technical skills courses, iTacit is poised to further improve the front-line employee experience. Through their mutual partnership agreement, iTacit will deliver the 180 Skills' targeted learning package through their workforce communication platform's built-in learning management system.

180 Skills has a library of over 800 courses, providing quality training content in areas ranging technical skills including aerospace manufacturing, CNC machining, electrical skills, and employability skills including communications, team building, time management and more. With iTacit being adopted in industries like manufacturing, populating its LMS database with relevant skills training was essential.

"I spent years in manufacturing environments, and I can vouch for the importance of effective training," states Luke Megarity, President and Chief Operations Officer of iTacit. "All it takes is one module missing from an employee's learning, and a whole key process can be thrown out of order."

iTacit's platform gives managers insight with compliance tracking, reporting and helps them steer the learning experience with learning paths. For employees, they're getting the most relevant, suggested training delivered right to them, with the opportunity to self-enroll in other courses.

"One of our goals here is to continuously make our courses more accessible," notes Brenda Cooley, Cofounder and Director of External Relations for 180 Skills. "We want to get them out to everyone who can benefit from professional skills training."

"We see the impact and effectiveness of skills training from 180 Skills, so it's exciting that our clients will benefit from their robust knowledge base," continues Megarity. "Improving the value of the iTacit experience for employee learners is always our goal."

180 Skills' training is designed to develop employee skills that match the competencies employers need, with mutual benefit for employee career development and reduced turnover for employers. The training will be available to all iTacit clients as an optional paid feature.

About iTacit

iTacit is a workforce communication platform used by over 150,000 employees across 600-plus sites. Whether teams are on the front-line or in the office, iTacit increases compliance and makes work more efficient. Implementing automated forms, workflows, training, messaging, and resource sharing into a single access hub, iTacit is revolutionizing how employees connect to critical tools, skills, and the rest of their organization, wherever they are.

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About 180 Skills

Founded in 2009, 180 Skills has created the world's largest library of online skills courses for the manufacturing sector.180 Skills is the training standard for automotive and aerospace companies like The Boeing Company, Spirit AeroSystems, GKN Aerospace, Oberg Industries, Nachi, Nippon, and others.

The 180 Skills manufacturing Skills Training System includes over 800+ skills courses and content organization tools that enable our partners to deliver job-aligned skills training to everyone from new hires to skilled incumbent employees.


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