iSkysoft Launches FilmoraPro Video Editor for Pros and Industry Creators


iSkysoft, a leading multimedia software company since 2007, has announced the launch of FilmoraPro, a professional video editing software for professional editors and industry creators.

Why Launch a Pro Version?

Filmora has a very popular standard version – the Filmora9, which is quite easy to use for new video editors. While the FilmoraPro is developed to allow more inspired storytelling, it offers endless possibilities to create highly customized and compelling content.

With FilmoraPro, video editors can integrate workflows using a new modern interface and customize workspaces to make video making and media organizing more intuitive. This version offers near-perfect audio and smart tools that enhance audio quality and video performance. You can add drama, mood, high-quality visual effects, as well as color-grade to create soundtracks that make stories feel and sound amazing.

Core Features of FilmoraPro Video Editor

FilmoraPro has a number of advantages over the Filmora9. Video editing is more superior with advanced editing tools. 

  • Audio Editing: FilmoraPro presents better management in audio editing, such as audio transitions, audio sync, noise reduction, audio multimix and audio compressor.
  • Effect Panel: Some of the key features that you can find in the effects panel include searching for a specific effect, controlling effects, presets, transitions.
  • Color Grading: Options include auto-correction, control settings, color wheels, scopes.
  • Visual Effects: Special effects such as 360 video, stylize, lights, and flares.

 Below is a comparison between Filmora9 and FilmoraPro Video Editor.

Ideal for Beginners or Semi-professional
Advanced or professional users
Individual creators
Availability Get a 1-year subscription
and pay yearly or lifetime
license with one-time fees
Get a 1-year subscription
and pay yearly or lifetime
license with one-time fees
Video Editing Basic video editing tools
Filters, transitions, titles, effects
Partial of advanced editing tools like PIP, Green Screen, etc.
Basic and advanced video editing tools
Filters, transitions, titles, effects
Special effects like 360° video, lights & Flares, Stylize, etc.
Keyframe animation No Yes
Interface Customization No Yes
Audio Sync No Yes
Full Animation Support No Yes
Tracks 100 Unlimited

Pricing and Compatibility 

FilmoraPro can be used for free with a watermark. The free version comes with all features, free updates and free tech support. For advanced features, you’ll need the payment plans.

  • 1-Year plan: $89.99 per year. The plan allows users to edit videos with no watermark.
  • Lifetime plan: $149.99 one time (1 PC only). This is a one-time fee that allows users to use the FilmoraPro software for a lifetime.

FilmoraPro is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee, free lifetime updates, 100% virus/malware protection, and 24/6 one-to-one email support and live chat. 

About iSkysoft

iSkysoft is a leading multimedia software company made up of enthusiastic young people with an affinity for technical computing. In 2004, a group of founders came together and devoted themselves to product R&D, brand strategy, and team collaboration.​

For more info, visit the official iSkysoft website:

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