iSEEK Corporation Offers CADseek Shape Analytics for CAD Content

CADseek Shape Analytics enables the engineering enterprise, in a fully automated manner, to analyze their entire CAD content of both parts and assemblies solely by shape without any reliance on attributes or file naming schema.

As shown in the accompanying video, CADseek Shape Analytics is able to compare all the parts and assemblies in single or multiple CAD databases. When available, attributes can be used to filter the comparisons, and the results can then be exported for further review, analysis, and action. According to Dr. Abir Qamhiyah, CEO of iSEEK Corporation, “CADseek Shape Analytics makes CAD data actionable.”

The challenge is that CAD-centric companies find themselves with CAD databases that are bloated with duplicate and highly similar designs. This leads to inefficient use of the company’s intellectual property. Designing a new part for the current project when similar parts already exist, can be very expensive. Taking the new design through all the stages of prototyping, testing, outsourcing, and tooling can add enormous cost to the resulting product and will likely delay the time to market and compromise product quality.

Furthermore, having multiple designs intended to accomplish the same task with only slight differences leads to a situation where the procurement department is forced to purchase and track small lot sizes of many different parts.  This eliminates the advantage of commanding lower prices for large order quantities.

Moreover, when it comes time for a company to migrate or upgrade their PDM/PLM system, or when it acquires another business, decisions have to be made. Should the company use a resource such as CADseek Shape Analytics to prepare the CAD data for migration, or should the data integrity problem be retained in the updated or consolidated system? 

Attribute-based custom classifications are not the optimal solution for CAD content since they rely on text-based schemes for naming and clustering parts and assemblies as well as for prescribing the attributes to be defined and associated with those designs. Such reliance on text-based schemes is problematic because attributes are sometimes missing, corrupt, language specific, nonuniform, or incomplete.

Shape Analytics is the optimal solution. There are several very important use cases to be achieved using CADseek Shape Analytics:

  • Cost Reduction:  Costs can be reduced by eliminating waste associated with designing, manufacturing, and warehousing identical and highly similar parts.
  • Standardization:  Pockets of similarity can be identified, leading to opportunities for a reduced number of standardized designs.
  • Product Line Consolidation in Mergers and Acquisitions: CAD databases of newly acquired companies can be compared to those of the parent company to merge product lines.
  • Service Parts Substitution: Suitable substitute designs can be identified for use in production and field service.
  • Commodity Analysis: Suppliers can be analyzed and compared based on quality and cost associated with similar designs.
  • Data Preparation for PLM Upgrades and Migration: CAD datasets can be analyzed before migrating to a new or upgraded PLM system.

iSEEK Corporation has developed a number of shape-based products including CADseek Polaris and CADseek Connect for the classification and shape search of CAD datasets; CADseek Adviser which is intended for the design engineer to trigger automatic shape searches during an active CAD session; CADseek Mobile that is able to search a database of 3D shapes using a 2D photo of a physical object as input; and CADseek Excel Add-In for those unfamiliar with CAD and PLM software but who frequently use Excel and need to retrieve similar or identical designs. Each of these products can also incorporate attribute information to initiate a search or to filter the results of a shape-based search.

Source: iSEEK Corporation

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