Is Mouthwash Necessary? Answers from the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Mouthwash is a common oral hygiene accessory, but is it necessary for all people to use it? Here the Sacramento Dentistry Group looks at why mouthwash is effective for some people and what problems mouthwash can help solve.

Whether or not mouthwash is necessary for oral health depends on the condition of a patient’s mouth. There are many different reasons why the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group may recommend the use of mouthwash. In certain circumstances, the therapeutic effects of mouthwash are very beneficial. Here are some reasons why patients might need a prescription or over-the-counter mouthwash.

What Makes Mouthwash Effective

Like toothpaste, mouthwash is able to move between the teeth and reach areas inaccessible to a toothbrush or dental floss. As an added benefit, mouthwash is less viscous than toothpaste and moves through and over these areas much more easily. Any therapeutic substances in the mouthwash can then reach the parts of the mouth that most need treatment.

Mouthwashes are all formulated differently, so the Sacramento Dentistry Group provides content recommendations based on a client’s specific needs. Simply put, some ingredients are more effective than others for attacking specific disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, a consultation with a dentist can make certain that mouthwash is targeting the right problem. All therapeutic mouthwashes, however, can help lessen the following problems:

Remineralizing mouthwashes that feature fluoride can also lessen tooth sensitivity caused by thinning enamel.

Patients with questions about the effectiveness of their mouthwash should bring in the bottle or a list of active and inactive ingredients during their semi-annual dental exam. If a patient is satisfied with their oral health and experiencing no dental problems, therapeutic mouthwash is probably not necessary. For more information about mouthwash, read the pages of

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group