Is Fluoride Dental Floss Effective - A Review by the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Fluoride dental floss has been available for many years. Many patients wonder if this product is actually as effective as other means of applying fluoride to the teeth. A review of the scientific literature helps answer this question.

The website of the Sacramento Dentistry Group recently received a request regarding fluoridated dental floss. Why would an oral hygiene company create fluoride-impregnated dental floss? Is it an effective way of protecting the teeth from tooth decay?

Understanding Remineralization

Most people are well aware that oral bacteria causes tooth decay. As the bacteria create energy, they release acids into the mouth. These acids wear down the tooth enamel, leading to decay and cavities. Even more important is the fact that this process of removing enamel can also go in the opposite direction. Every day your teeth use the phosphorus and calcium in your mouth and saliva to rebuild lost enamel. This process is called remineralization.

Fluoride improves the remineralization of tooth enamel. Enamel is made stronger, and is less likely to demineralize, when fluoride is present. It is also demonstrated that fluoride directly reduces the number of harmful bacteria on the teeth. For these reasons, fluoride is one of the most important substances for maintaining oral health.

Does Dental Floss with Fluoride Really Work?

One of the earliest studies of fluoride-impregnated dental floss was completed over forty years ago. It clearly indicated that when delivered to the mouth with floss, fluoride improves remineralization and significantly reduces the presence of harmful oral bacteria. Other studies followed this one, with similar good results. One experiment even indicated that dental floss was better at transmitting fluoride to the teeth than mouthwash.

Different brands of dental floss offer fluoride as a component. Availability in different styles helps people choose floss that fits their preferences. For more information about dental floss and why flossing is effective, consider the website of the Sacramento Dentistry Group at

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group