"Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount": Handles Displaying a TV on All Sorts of Odd-Shaped Walls

The "Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount" offers display possibility on any odd-shaped or angled wall.

​Angled walls such as those found in attics and lofts provide problems when it comes to attaching a television wall mount. Solving that problem was the design intent of the Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount. This device is a modification and enhancement to traditional full-motion articulating TV wall mounts. It is adjustable in angulation and features a varying length extension bar. It consists of a single stud plate attached to an articulation arm with an elbow-like swivel/pivot joint that allows the TV to be positioned via an adjustable angle knob to overcome the wall angle.
Televisions are positioned everywhere these days and the new Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount handles displaying a TV on all sorts of odd-shaped walls. Attic and loft conversions, in both homes and in non-residential spaces such as warehouses, docks, former factories or other areas require wall mounts and this device accommodates angled walls without any difficulty. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount.
The Patent Pending Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount was invented by Claude Davis of Elizabeth, NJ who said, “In the process of remodeling my attic which has a peak shape roof and ceiling I wanted to use a wall mounted television but was unable to find a special mount. That was when I designed the Irregular Angulate TV Wall Mount which will benefit homeowners and other business desiring this type of unit. My prototype works perfectly.”

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