iRazoo Announces Paid Surveys Update and New Unique Earning Opportunities

iRazoo now pre-qualifies all survey users, reducing survey bounce rates by 50%

Today iRazoo announced the launch of their new and improved survey platform. Users must now complete an eighteen question “profiler” before answering surveys. Once a profiler is completed, a user receives custom surveys unique to their iRazoo profile. Questions include personal demographics, family size, and household income.

“We noticed our users were bouncing from surveys and becoming increasingly frustrated. Obviously, when our users are upset, we action their pain points. Thus, our new survey update. The update improves bounce rates and offers better earning opportunities. Plus, our survey partners were all on board, which made the update a no-brainer,” said Gregory Ziemak, iRazoo’s managing partner.

Dubbed the iRazoo Survey Profiler, which only takes a few minutes of a user’s time, the system accurately uses the provided data in collaboration with each survey partner’s API to retrieve pre-screened offers that better match users and marketers. Users are incentivized to complete the profiler by a 100 point reward.

iRazoo worked closely with their survey partners, actively assessing bounce rates, conversion rates, and click rates. After completing a robust data check, each partner suggested improvements, which iRazoo implemented. As a result, surveys are being completed at a 23% faster rate with 50% fewer bounce rates.

Longtime iRazoo user Heather Bonner, a member since 2010 living in Lawton, Oklahoma, loves the update. “The new iRazoo is much improved over the old.” iRazoo was acquired by SideMoney, LLC in May 2016, and launched a new website in September 2016. “The survey update has increased my earnings two-fold. I now rarely bounce from surveys, and actually enjoy taking surveys as an earning opportunity, along with videos and games. I have a sense of assurance that I will be rewarded for my hard work.”

iRazoo continues to update its earning opportunities. “Our main goal is to improve the user experience. Every update is vetted and tested per our power users. Our users are our most effective tool. They provide us the opportunity to offer this platform, so we work with them very closely,” said Gregory Ziemak.

About iRazoo

iRazoo is an online rewards and cash-back site where users watch videos, play games, listen to the radio, complete offers and surveys in exchange for iRazoo points. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores, or exchanged for PayPal cash. iRazoo’s inventory is updated daily to provide ongoing opportunities for users to earn money doing everyday activities. Sign-up is simple, and points can be earned immediately. Payouts are weekly. Get started now at If you have questions, or are interested in becoming an iRazoo partner, please contact Gregory Ziemak at or 646-828-8439.

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