IoT Startup Receives Seed Funding to Battle Firefighter Cancer Rates

Innovative company aggregates data to track firefighters' exposure to carcinogens

​Vault RMS, the creators of Vault Exposure Tracker, announced today $1.3 million in a seed funding round led by Bill Miller of Legg Mason and San Diego-based Keshif Ventures, with participation from San Francisco-based Right Side Capital. Vault Exposure Tracker is a web-based platform that captures data around the toxic exposures firefighters face every day. The system integrates with 911-dispatch, traditional records systems, wearable devices, heat and chemical sensors, and weather API’s. Users can also add objective data about their role at an incident.  

“By aggregating these disparate data sources firefighters now have a far greater understanding of what their bodies are exposed to,” said Chris Memmott, CEO & Founder of Vault RMS. “We then donate the anonymized data to cancer researchers to further our mission in the fight against firefighter cancer.”

Across the country firefighters have up to 2.3 times higher rates of cancer and are six times more likely to incur disabling injuries compared to other US workers. Vault Exposure Tracker was designed by  Co-founder Clive Savacool, a career firefighter. By his mid-30’s Savacool developed permanent respiratory damage due to his service as a firefighter. Realizing his medical issues might have been prevented through better use of data, Savacool teamed up with Memmott to build Vault Exposure Tracker.  

“Moving forward, when a firefighter gets cancer or a work-related illness we’ll be able to provide instant documentation to expedite the claims process,” said Savacool, “Saving municipalities time and money, while getting firefighters more timely care and support.”

The funding will be used to develop additional strategic partnerships with hardware manufacturers, wearables companies and traditional software companies in the space.

Chris Memmott, CEO
Vault RMS                                                                    

About Vault RMS:
Vault RMS (Records Management Systems) is a San Diego-based tech company advancing research into firefighter cancer rates through their product Vault Exposure Tracker. By utilizing the internet of things they’re able to aggregate disparate data sources in a way that makes the data actionable and preventative. Their platform goes beyond the fire service, with future applications in sectors such as energy, mining, manufacturing and healthcare.

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