iOS Performance Marketing is Back: Singular's SKAN Advanced Analytics Provides Accurate D7 Revenue

Singular announces SKAN Advanced Analytics to restore mobile marketers' ability to run high-performance, predictable, and privacy-safe user acquisition campaigns on iOS.

Fixing SKAdNetwork

Since Apple launched iOS 14.5 with SKAdNetwork for ad results measurement, mobile user acquisition spend is down 25% and marketers' return on advertising investment is down 38%. SKAN increases privacy, but it has multiple challenges, including:

  • Missing data due to privacy thresholds
  • Randomized timing of attribution
  • Limited conversion value reporting
  • Lack of cohort metrics

As a result, it's hard if not impossible for app publishers to accurately calculate LTV and ROAS. It's difficult to estimate the value of their new users, making it challenging to optimize ad campaigns and confidently invest in marketing.

Singular is solving those problems with SKAN Advanced Analytics. Using only privacy-safe data that Apple provides via SKAdNetwork and aggregated, non-personal, campaign data from ad partners, Singular is applying data science and machine learning to fill the gaps.

Today we announce the latest update to SKAN Advanced Analytics, SKAN Cohorts, which returns visibility of critical KPIs that marketers currently lack due to SKAdNetwork limitations. The results in real-world tests are nothing short of astounding, reaching 87% D7 revenue accuracy on average for beta clients. 

"Our strategy has been to embrace the change in paradigm, turn this disruption into an opportunity to grow our business, and build a future-proof UA infrastructure," says Kieran O'Leary, VP of Marketing, Rovio. "Singular has undoubtedly been instrumental in helping us pioneer the new ways of running acquisition."

"Collecting and analyzing data from SKAdNetwork can quickly become a time-consuming pain. Singular's SKAdNetwork suite has helped us improve significantly," says Marcus Dale, CTO of Qiiwi Games. "We've been able to optimize data collection and BI models to match our needs and to accurately predict future revenues."

SKAN Advanced Analytics helps take the marketing landscape back to the pre iOS 14.5 days with improved reporting accuracy and visibility into cohorted metrics that have been unavailable for over a year. Marketers can now confidently rescale their iOS ad spend knowing accurate measurement is guiding their investment decisions.

Key solutions in Singular's SKAN Advanced Analytics include:

  • SKAN Modeled Metrics
    Using available data and historical trends, Singular models events and conversion values that Apple censors for privacy protection.
  • SKAN Smart Conversion Management
    Singular provides 7 different conversion models to maximize data marketers get from the 6 bits of conversion data SKAN returns.
  • SKAN Instant Campaign Optimization
    Singular provides near real-time predictive D7 LTV calculations that enable instant campaign optimization for ad partners.
  • SKAN Cohorts
    Singular provides estimated cohorts that give marketers visibility into critical measures like revenue and ROAS for campaigns.

Singular's SKAN Advanced Analytics is built on the first-ever and still industry-leading iOS user acquisition attribution solution that includes SKAN Advanced Reporting, enriching conversion data with aggregated cost and click data from ad networks. Along with powerful out-of-the box features and easy set-up, Singular's SKAN solution enables superior analytics and insight that winning mobile marketers need.

"We're 100% committed to user privacy, and we're also 100% committed to giving marketers the data and tools that help them drive massive growth," says Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv. "We've always believed those twin objectives are not in conflict, and now with our advanced AI and data science, we've delivered a solution that proves it."

"At Space Sheep Games, we depend on a consolidated view of revenue from in-app ads and IAP to understand ROAS," Rene Retz, CEO of Space Sheep Games. "Partnering with Singular has been super valuable as they are at the forefront of the changes in the market."

More information about Singular's SKAN solution here: 


About Singular
Singular's next-gen attribution and analytics powers marketers to grow faster by uncovering accurate, granular, and timely performance insights. World class teams from brands like WB Games, Twitter, Lyft, Rovio, Airbnb, Activision, Homa Games, EA, LinkedIn and more use Singular to make smarter user acquisition decisions and analyze the impact of every ad dollar with full-funnel marketing analytics, best-in-class ad fraud prevention, and automatic loading directly into your BI tools.

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