Industry-First: Singular Launches Singular Private Cloud for Marketing Measurement

Singular is launching Singular Private Cloud for marketing measurement to give major mobile brands complete control over their growth stack, marketing measurement, and sensitive user data.

Singular Private Cloud

Singular is launching Singular Private Cloud for marketing measurement after 18 months of private beta with leading mobile games companies.

This new capability, an industry-first in the mobile measurement partner space, allows major mobile brands to maintain complete control over their growth stack, marketing measurement, and sensitive user data in an environment that they own and manage themselves. Singular Private Cloud provides a data clean room where brands can manage the collection, hosting, processing, and enriching of sensitive marketing data in a safe environment.

"We were the first to launch support for privacy-safe marketing measurement via SKAdNetwork because we believe the future of attribution is safe, secure, and privacy-compliant," says Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv. "We've been working on Singular Private Cloud for almost as long to give major mobile brands full access and control to the best marketing measurement capability in the industry in their own environments and under their own supervision."

It enables complete and verifiable compliance with all data privacy regulations from governments (e.g. GDPR), from platforms (e.g. Apple's iOS), and media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google, TikTok), and empowers privacy teams to create their own set of privacy rules, for example on how long user data is retained.

"Singular Private Cloud allows us to truly cater to a brand's specific privacy needs and establish complete trust on how data is collected, stored, and shared. One company may want its user data to have a shorter lifespan, and another company may want all IPs and User IDs hashed. This allows us to do it all," says Alon Nafta, Singular's VP of Product.

Using Singular Private Cloud, advertisers and media partners can share and access datasets safely without relinquishing control and jurisdiction over them.

In addition, they can perform all marketing analytics, cost aggregation, mobile attribution, and fraud prevention in a clean, managed, and private environment. Singular Private Cloud works natively with all major platforms' privacy and data retention constraints, including Facebook, Google, Snap, Twitter, Apple, and others.

"Private cloud brings the potential to empower app publishers with full control of their growth stack and marketing data, allowing them to enrich their data and improve advertising performance while ensuring complete safety, security, and privacy," says Warren Woodward, CGO and co-founder at Upptic.

Singular Private Cloud is immediately available for clients who wish to run the world's best holistic marketing attribution and analytics solution on their own managed cloud, or who need a data clean room for appropriate, managed, and bounded data access.

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