InZiv Raises $2.5M in Series A Funding to Address Emerging Defects in Newest High-Resolution Displays

InZiv provides unique nanoscale inspection equipment for advanced flat panel displays (OLED, MicroLED & QLED) in mobile, AR/VR & wearables.

InZiv Ltd.

InZiv, a display inspection equipment start-up, today announces that it has successfully closed a Series A round, partnering with Maverick Ventures Israel to secure $2.5M in funding. This funding enables InZiv to further develop and expand its line of advanced inspection tools to better serve the flat panel display (FPD) industry.

Using proprietary and pioneering technology, InZiv designs and manufactures inspection equipment for identifying critical defects in pixels of advanced displays such as OLED, MicroLED, and QLED. These new screens feature increasingly smaller pixels and exciting new advantages, e.g. reduced power consumption, higher resolution, enhanced brightness, and flexible screens. However, these new technologies have also introduced a whole new set of high-value problems: nanoscale defects that contribute to low yields and high costs in the manufacturing of such displays. InZiv’s nano-optical and metrological inspection equipment offers the ability to study a wide variety of defects not detectable with existing tools. The company’s mission is to offer a portfolio of tools that will enable FPD manufacturers to meet emerging challenges in the field. 

“New high-resolution screens, with vibrant colors and crisp text, have become both ubiquitous and essential in every aspect of our lives. The OLED market alone is roughly a $25 Billion industry today, and the era of wearable devices is just beginning,” explains InZiv CEO David Lewis. “While these screens feature many exciting advantages, as pixel size continues to decrease, new challenges emerge.  

“By partnering with Maverick Ventures Israel and securing this funding,” Lewis continues, “InZiv is now positioned to address these critical pain points and to provide the technological edge that display manufacturers are seeking. We are excited to be at the forefront of developing breakthrough inspection equipment for the FPD industry, tools which will provide greater accessibility to next-generation display technologies for more consumers.”

Yaron Carni, founder of Maverick Ventures Israel, added: “We are very excited to partner with the founders and scientists behind InZiv! Through its patented technology, the company has developed a solution for a pain point felt by many manufacturers and helps them focus on exactly what they are yearning for – producing flawless screens in the most efficient way possible making them more cost efficient for the end user down the chain.”

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About InZiv

InZiv is positioned to address the critical quality assurance needs facing today’s flat panel display (FPD) manufacturers, by developing highly specialized inspection equipment using proprietary nanoscale optics and metrology. The company’s portfolio extends to OLED, MicroLED and QLED technologies with the goal of providing state of the art tools for improving the manufacturing process, lowering production costs, and enabling greater access to the use of these displays by all consumers. Learn more at

About Maverick Ventures Israel

Maverick Ventures Israel, established in 2013, is a unique Israeli venture capital fund composed of only private investors. Maverick Ventures Israel is focused on early growth Israeli startups with initial traction and revenues. The fund invests across all sectors of technology, including software, SAAS, enterprise solutions and applications, internet, media, fintech, clean technology & energy, marketing technology and consumer electronics. Maverick Ventures Israel was founded by Yaron Carni, who previously founded the Tel Aviv Angel Group and sold the first Israeli company bought by Google. The fund’s managing partner is Michel Abadi. Learn more at:

Source: InZiv Ltd.

About InZiv

InZiv is addressing the critical quality assurance needs facing today's microLED, OLED, and QLED display manufacturers by providing highly specialized inspection equipment using proprietary nanoscale optics and metrology.

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