Investigational 2.0mg Semaglutide Dose Promoted for Type 2 Diabetics With Higher A1c Score

Ozempics Continuing to Stand Out as a New Type 2 Diabetes Medication Alternative

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Novo Nordisk introduced Ozempic to the market in 2017, giving Type 2 diabetics a different option when it comes to their injections made for keeping their blood sugar levels down and managing their diabetes effectively. Semaglutide appeals to Type 2 diabetics on several different levels, primarily for being a once-a-week injection and one that is more effective for having A1c test scores down to the standard 7% or lower. Canadian Pharmacy can fill Ozempic prescriptions for U.S. residents approved by their doctor to switch to Ozempic.

The medication is also touted as a better fit for Type 2 diabetics needing to improve scores but also be more cautious regarding cardiovascular health concerns. Those who are more at risk of a cardiac event may have their doctors recommending they move to Ozempic, and to a lesser extent, Ozempic is being discussed as a blood sugar control medication that promotes more weight loss. Users need to make diet changes and increase physical activity for Ozempic to be beneficial for them in that way.

Earlier this year, a 2.0mg dosage of Semaglutide was approved by the U.S. FDA. Novo Nordisk chose to conduct a new phase 3 clinical trial for this medication based on their findings that 70% to 80% of test participants succeeded in getting their A1c scores to 7% or lower with either the 0.5 or 1mg Ozempic dosages. The 2.0mg Semaglutide injection was suggested for the remaining 20% to 30% of users to have the same success with managing their blood sugar levels. 

Trial results look promising with the higher dose getting scores down to the 7% threshold for participants unable to do so with the 0.5mg or 1mg injections. Ozempic is a GLP-1 receptor agonist medication that works to inhibit gastric emptying, and this is what makes Semaglutide different from the active ingredients in other diabetes management medications. Patients who are doing well with Ozempic but are still seeing higher A1c test scores may want to talk to their doctor about moving to the 2mg dose.

Americans may want to order Ozempic from Canada if they struggle to afford their Type 2 diabetes medication. If you are approved to switch to Ozempic, then you can evaluate your options for finding the best price on Ozempic 2.0mg. 

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