InvestChile Launches First Guide to the Green Hydrogen Industry in Chile

Chile is emerging as a leader in green hydrogen production, offering an ideal environment for foreign investment in renewable energy.

Green Hydrogen in Chile

With unparalleled natural resources and a strong commitment to sustainability, Chile stands as a key player in the global green hydrogen industry.

The country has consistently been recognized as one of the best places to invest in renewable energy in Latin America. With the highest solar energy production potential in the world and exceptional wind energy conditions in the Magallanes region, Chile provides an optimal setting for green hydrogen production.

"Chile is in a privileged position to offer investment opportunities that are crucial for global challenges."

Karla Flores

InvestChile Director

"We are pleased to present our new eBook on the Green Hydrogen Industry in Chile. This comprehensive guide outlines key investment opportunities in this rapidly growing sector. I invite you to download it and explore how Chile is at the forefront of the green hydrogen revolution," said InvestChile Director, Karla Flores.

Green Hydrogen: Key to combating climate change

Green hydrogen is a central component of Chile's strategy to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. In November 2020, Chile launched its National Green Hydrogen Strategy, aiming to become the most competitive green hydrogen producer globally.

Chile already has over 50 green hydrogen production projects at various stages of development. These projects are strategically located to leverage energy resources, potential demand, and existing infrastructure. Regions like Antofagasta and Magallanes are epicenters of this activity due to their solar and wind resources, respectively. 

Some of the most notable projects include Haru Oni, led by HIF Global and supported by Porsche, Siemens Energy, and Enel, and HyEx, a project in Antofagasta aiming to produce green hydrogen from solar energy for the mining industry, developed by Engie and Enaex.

Enabling infrastructure and resources

Chile is not starting from scratch in this industry. With extensive experience in desalination and water reuse, the country is well-equipped to support green hydrogen production. Additionally, the existing infrastructure and available public lands facilitate the installation of new projects.

Chile's green hydrogen export potential is further enhanced by its access to 33 trade agreements with 65 economies, enabling companies to reach global markets under favorable conditions.

The Chilean government, through institutions like InvestChile and CORFO, provides continuous support to foreign investors.

Investment in Green Hydrogen

The future of Chile involves achieving energy independence and even exporting its surpluses. Green hydrogen production presents numerous opportunities as well as some challenges. Foreign investment in clean energy, such as solar or wind, will be key to the industry's development.

Investing in the green hydrogen industry in Chile is not just an opportunity to participate in an energy revolution but also to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Source: InvestChile