Invents Unveils "The Touch Activated Faucet": A Future Plumbing Industry Favorite for Plumbers and Building Owners.

Trends in every varied area are interesting and this new trend in faucets is not only interesting but also desired by many. The Touch Activated Faucet is a plumbing addition in which a sink faucet is turned on and off by a simple touch rather than the conventional hot- and cold-water handles. The system also provides automatic shut-down of a water-supply in the event of a potential damaging leak and alert the property owner via a smart phone application. 

This is an electrically powered, touch-activated faucet and a system for detecting plumbing leaks within a structure.  It automatically shuts down the water-supply and alerts the property owner via a smartphone application of the leak and shutdown. The Touch Activated Faucet system can be incorporated into the design and manufacture of new sink-and-faucet fixtures or retrofitted to function with existing sinks and faucets. The Touch activated Faucet operates on batteries or via a power cord plugged into an outlet mounted under the sink. A touch-pad on the sink activates the system and when pressed allows the water to flow or stop. The second component is an electrically powered remote-monitoring system designed to detect plumbing leaks and respond by shutting down the structure's water supply line. This system can be purchased separately. It is powered by 120-volt A/C and depends on moisture sensors placed beneath sinks, in the basement area, under water-heaters, or in any location where pooling water would be caused by a plumbing failure. When activated by moisture, the sensors act as switches and either complete or break an electrical circuit comprising the sensors, the power source, and a solenoid valve plumbed into the main water supply line. Whether the circuit is completed or broken by the switching activity of the sensors, the end-result is the same: When the sensors have detected a leak, the main solenoid valve is automatically closed, shutting off the water supply to the structure. The third component of the Touch Activated Faucet system is a smartphone application designed to monitor the structure's plumbing and alert the property owner if the water supply line has been shut down.
The Touch Activated Faucet is Patent Pending and was invented by John Goosby of Markham, IL   who said, “When the remote monitoring system activates the smartphone application software, it automatically sends a text alert to the owner's smartphone. The application then switches to a live, remote-camera view of the premises, or sends individual frames from each of the remote cameras. In either case, the property owner is alerted to the plumbing failure and the main shutdown and will have a strong indication of where the failure has taken place, and the extent of damage. It works.”

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