Invents Unveils 'The Sideways Hose Clamps': Ease of Use Makes This Age-Old Clamp Work to Perfection.

Many times we don’t believe that certain duties or jobs could be made easier. But, that is not the case with this simple hose clamp used in numerous applications in mechanics, construction, plumbing and many other areas. Sideways Hose Clamps presents two new designs for the familiar, worm-gear metal hose clamp, each of which is intended to make hose clamps easier to install or remove even in tight spaces. While designed primarily with automotive and other mechanics in mind, the Sideways Hose Clamps would also appeal to do-it-yourself householders, and to a variety of tradesmen within the construction industry.

The function of the Sideways Hose Clamps is identical to that of a conventional clamp. But the two design improvements, one Sideways Clamp having its worm-gear axis shifted 90 degrees and the other having its screw slotted at both ends combine to offer the mechanic several alternatives or several options when installing or removing the Sideways Clamps. The Sideways Hose Clamps are easier to use in tight spaces and permit a mechanic to more easily reach and engage with the clamps' worm-gear screws in a variety of configurations. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sideways Hose Clamps.

The Sideways Hose Clamps are Patent Pending and invented by J. Daniel Delgado of Riverside, CA who said, “There are no finer words to be said or heard than — it works. These clamps perform admirably, and every user will wonder why he or she didn’t think of this years ago. These clamps offer two highly significant design improvements over conventional hose clamps. Yes, they work.”

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