Invents Unveils 'The Pocket Window': Requires Minor Alterations of Traditional Window Frame Construction

New methods of protection or security are not always desirable, however, in this situation, fresh air can be provided for an interior unit without opening the windows up to the outside and allowing spectators or possible thieves to view the inside while still permitting the owner to enjoy a full open window protected by a screen for increased ventilation and unobstructed views. The Pocket Window is a variation from standard window design that allows the homeowner to have a clean unobstructed view when closed, and maximum airflow when opened, utilizing a single sliding sash that opens into the walls interior.

The Pocket Window is a window in which the sash is opened to slide on rails out of the window frame itself and into recesses in the wall below the window frame. This design permits the home owner to enjoy a fully open window protected by a screen for increased ventilation and unobstructed views. The Pocket Window, like other premium glass windows is manufactured in materials ranging from wood to vinyl-clad wood or metal and in a variety of dimensions to suit the needs of architects, home builders, and home buyers. When closed, the Pocket Window appears to be a standard window with a full-size screen covering the exterior aspect of the window frame. The Pocket Window is produced as a single-pane, large single-sash window, rather than a two-sash double hung window. The sides or stiles of the Pocket Window are equipped with a sliding, rolling ball and channel system permitting the window to move freely up and down along the frame or jamb along its sides. When opened it allows the breeze to blow freely maximizing airflow and interior ventilation. When closed, the Pocket Window, like any other provides an effective transparent seal against the exterior. The windows are reminiscent of pocket doors which slide into wall-recesses when opened. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pocket Window.
The Pocket Window is Patent Pending and was invented by Coty Dewayne Link of San Diego, CA who said, “The Pocket Window requires relatively modest alterations to traditional window-frame construction, but it provides major benefits in both comfort and aesthetics. It works.”

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