Invents Unveils "The Open Door Fan": An Efficient Way to Cool Rooms With Perfected Circulation.

Sometimes a slight breeze is all that is needed to help cool down. The online dictionary describes circulation as The Open Door Fan is an auxiliary ventilation system to be installed on interior or exterior doors. A rectangular panel with four vertically spaced electric fans will swing behind the door when the door is closed, and when the door is partially open, it will swing into the gap between door and door jamb, sending a cooling, directed breeze into house or room.

This is an effective auxiliary household ventilation system with a set of four electric fans mounted in a rectangular panel fastened to the edge of an interior or exterior door. It swings out of the way behind the door when not required and swings into the space between the partially open door and the door-jamb when extra ventilation is required. Fabricated in durable injection-molded thermoplastic the rectangular Open Door Fan is 4’H x 18- or- 20”W x 6”D. The unit weighs between 3 and 8 pounds and is available in multiple colors. Four rotary fans are mounted within a panel and the panel is mounted to the leading edge of the door by a full-length flange or bracket that slips over the edge of the door with a cutout for the door knob and strike plate. The flange or bracket is secured to the door, front and back, with wood- or sheet-metal screws according to the door's construction. The flange or mounting bracket does not interfere with the door's normal operation. The Open Door Fan unit is attached to its mounting bracket by sturdy metal hinges, top and bottom, which permit the panel to swing behind the door where it is held securely when not in use. When the door is partially open, the Open Door Fan simply swings out from behind the door to occupy the space between the door and the door-jamb. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Open Door Fan.
The Open-Door Fan is Patent Pending and was invented by M. Manufacturing out of Calabasas, CA who said, “My door fan attaches to the door and take up no room. When in use it circulates cooling air throughout the apartment or house. It is totally out of the way yet immediately available when needed. It works.”

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