Invents Unveils "The Brush Saver", Save Money On Painting Tools

The Brush Saver helps extend the life of a paint brush for years to come.

While a paint brush is one of the most basic and versatile tools known to mankind, better quality paint brushes can be costly. One way to protect these expensive tools is to use the new Brush Saver. The Brush Saver is a product line of reusable, ventilated plastic mesh sheaths or covers for paint brushes. The design intent of The Brush Saver is to enable any consumer or professional painter to properly care for and protect their paint brushes, thus keeping the bristles straight, clean and well ventilated for rapid drying.

The Brush Saver will come in a variety of sizes and the models will correspond to the various standard widths of natural and synthetic bristled paintbrushes, both angled and straight. Some individual models may be color-coded corresponding to the various size of brush to be covered or the types of paint — water or oil based. Overall the durable, form fitting, flexible mesh sheath or cover ensures that the enclosed brush receives adequate ventilation for thorough drying whether the brush has been cleaned with water or paint thinner. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in The Brush Saver.

"If one is buying his/her own tools and is a painter, then the cost of these tools-brushes primarily-become a costly part of doing business. The Brush Saver handles the ventilation and drying in a great way and those costly brushes will last for years."

Robert and Brenda Stein , Inventors

The Patent Pending “The Brush Saver” was invented by Robert and Brenda Stein of Trevose, PA. Robert who has been a professional painter for 40 years said, “The Brush Saver will help extend the life of paint brushes by properly drying, keeping the bristles straight and maintaining its proper shape. I know that both professional painters and do-it-yourselfers will benefit from utilizing The Brush Saver. It works!”

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