Invents Unveils "The Aqua Therapy Blanket", Cooling Aid For Equine Needing Treatment

The Aqua Therapy Blanket for equine is a 'cold-pack' for horses that have suffered injuries, allowing them to recuperate.

One need not be a veterinarian to understand how to treat some equine conditions such as overheating. The new Aqua Therapy Blanket is a unique, pump-driven, water-circulating cooling blanket for horses. It was designed to cool the animal without the direct contact of ice or water and is used to reduce inflammation and swelling associated with equine injuries while at the same time promoting good circulation.

The Aqua Therapy Blanket is a versatile therapeutic blanket that treats various back, hip, whither and chest issues and injuries by removing heat and reducing inflammation in a continuous fashion. It applies cold fluid to an area without direct contract simply by the pump pushing the fluid through the section of the blanket and recirculating the inlet to the cooling unit out to the blanket.

"The Aqua Therapy Blanket is a primary product for those caring for horses to have available, particularly when living in a hot climate. It helps to lower the body temperature and that is the main reason for it besides the fact it does promote better circulation."

Carlos Vargas, Inventor

The Patent Pending Aqua Therapy Blanket was invented by Carlos Vargas, an inventor, who lives of Hockley, TX. He said, “This product is an accessory that aids in cooling horses in hot climates and also works equally well for those in the racing industry along with other horse owners or those individuals who work with horses. It works well at reducing swelling and inflammation. It performs without shocking the horse and will help lower the body temperature and promote circulation.”

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