Invents Unveils "Store A Roll", Work Into Storage In Bathrooms Everywhere

The Store- A - Roll ("Store Your Rolls In Style") is a space saving, multi-roll toilet paper holder that is both attractive and functional.

Imagine a way to store those extra rolls of toilet paper in a convenient, easily accessed place. A way that is not only functional, but also extremely attractive. The Store-A-Roll is a decorative hanging toilet paper holder and storage unit, that stores 3-4 rolls of toilet paper in an easily accessed, yet out-of-the-way, soft, attractive hanging unit.

Made of Chenille fabric and shaggy material, the Store-A-Roll measures 24-36 inches in length and 8 inches in width and has individual sheathes or open circular spaces to accommodate the individual rolls of toilet paper. The edges of these sheathes are lined for a smooth finish and a handy loop is integrally attached to the top for hanging where desired. The bottom portion features several decorative tassels lined in a row as an embellishment. Available in a variety of color to match any bathroom décor, the Store-A-Roll can be hung on the wall or behind the bathroom door.

"Store A Roll is soft to the touch and blends seamlessly in any bathroom, public or private. It work perfectly for all users."

Hanna Ndakaziva and Kevin Ndebele , Inventors

The Patent Pending Store A Roll was invented by Hanna Ndakaziva and Kevin Ndebele of Haverhill, MA. The Store-A-Roll can be used for bathrooms, home, office, lodging facilities, and more. Easily maintained and machine washable, the Store-A-Roll is convenient, affordable and decorative. It can save consumers money by storing extra rolls of toilet paper in dry holder away from water which can ruin toilet paper rolls, especially when normally stored under the sink where leaks can occur and space is limited."

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