Invents Unveils "Sanipaste": Provides Healthy Oral Hygiene for Adults and Children Alike

Beautiful white teeth and a healthy mouth is the aim of everyone. Oral health is a primary concern for every person and brushing is one way to be sure that the mouth, teeth and gums are cleaned properly. This process is easier than ever when using the Sanipaste. Sanipaste is a specially configured toothbrush in which the handle is pre-filled with pre-measured toothpaste capsules. The brush has replaceable brush heads. Sanipaste provides consumers with a neater and more sanitary alternative to traditional toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Sanipaste is a special toothbrush pre-filled with single use toothpaste or “Paste Melts” that can be easily reloaded into the brush body. Sanipaste features replaceable brush heads enabling user to periodically switch out the brush for a new, fresh version. Cylindrical and primarily of heavy duty plastic material, Sanipaste is approximately 6”L x 2” in circumference and the body has a window enabling the user to monitor the contents. Sanipaste Paste Melts are offered in a variety of formulas including teeth-whitening, tarter-control, and breath-freshening versions with the beads stacking within the handle of the brush. A clear, dissolvable coating encases each bead making them easy to handle and reload. The Sanipaste comes pre-filled with Paste Melts while refills are sold separately. A threaded cap at the bottom is for use in removing single Sanipaste beads. The top of Sanipaste features the toothbrush head. The replaceable brush head features short, fiber crisscrossing bristles with beveled edges to facilitate a cleaning that is both effective and comfortable. A fitted cap is included with Sanipaste protecting the brush head from germs and allowing sanitary transport. Replacement heads are sold separately. 
Sanipaste is Patent Pending and was invented by Maritza Ortega of Whittier, CA who said, “Sanipaste creates a more sanitary and portion control toothpaste. Traditional toothpastes can be both messy and wasteful as well as unsanitary if left open. Sanipaste works perfectly for both adults and children and it is portable and travels well.”

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