Invents Unveils "Ruyan": Provides Perfect Personal Care in the Bathroom.

We cannot help but wonder why it took so long for this amazing product to become available. Finally—here is a toilet that serves the user with both comfort and personal care. The Ruyan is a smart toilet, with a host of features combines the utmost in personal comfort, convenience, and cleanliness.  Including with environmentally friendly, “green” features, such as the elimination of the need for toilet-tissue. The Ruyan Smart toilet will be a welcomed addition to every modern bathroom.

This toilet has numerous special features such as heated seating, warm flowing water and air-drying all combining the best features of a conventional ceramic toilet with the innovations of a smart toilet and an app based remote control. The user may choose toilet options from the cell phone app or mounted wall unit. There is also a side flush option control that can be used to flush toilet if AC is out. Ruyan utilizes a self-cleaning nozzle to perform advanced bidet features such as temperature controlled water for a rear wash, soft wash, feminine wash, and oscillating wash. Rear wash is used for most users with the soft wash for children and persons with sensitive skin or hemorrhoid issues. The feminine wash aids women during menstruation. The oscillation wash mode moves back forth and cleans according to preference. Warm air finishes the cleaning process in all modes with temperature specified control. The anti-bacterial toilet seat inhibits the spread of germs. Ruyan utilizes deodorization to freshen the air when needed. Azimuth light guides males during urination and functions as a warm glow night light with on/off option. When the MALE function is selected, the seat will open and will close and flush with single flush option.
The Ruyan is Patent Pending and was invented by Donovan Henry of East Orange, NJ who said, “There is one place in a home where even a furbaby thinks he or she belongs. That time is usually when his or her owner is occupying the bathroom.  But, a 4-legged beloved pet or not, this special smart toilet makes the bathroom a very special room and needs no help from a pet to benefit from the comfort and care it provides. Best of all, it works perfectly.”

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