Invents Unveils "PAINTease", Reach Hard-To-Reach Areas When Painting

The PAINTease is perfect for professional painters and Do-It-Yourselfers; it is a handy tool to assist in applying paint to high, angled, awkward, and hard to reach areas.

Do-it-yourselfers and professional painters know that painting those hard to reach areas, such as staircases or multidirectional walls and the like, can not only be difficult, but also dangerous. One way to make such painting jobs easier and safer is with the PAINTease. Saving time and money, the easily affordable PAINTease is a specially designed, adjustable, assistive apparatus used with paint brushes. It allows one to reach high and awkward spots without having to use a cumbersome, unsteady and unsafe ladder. Painters can avoid the risk of injury by completing the paint job from the security of the ground. Extremely easy to use, a brush can be affixed to the PAINTease in a matter of seconds, positioned to any desired position, then dipped in paint and be ready for use.

The Patent Pending PAINTease was invented by Theodore Koyzis and Dimitrios Mastoris of Aurora, IL, who said, “The PAINTease is basically tubular in shape and comprised of a threaded assembly at its distal end to accommodate a length of plastic or rust-resistant, flexible tubing. This tubing allows for full adjust-ability of the brush in any desired position, with a minimum force of 20 pounds to ensure the tubing won't shift positions while in use. In the center of this tubing is a ball joint or similar pivoting joint, allowing one to turn the flexible tubing in any direction as well. The tubing itself can then be further adjusted for the perfect reach and angle. The opening of the tubing facilitates easy, twist-in attachment of virtually any style of brush. Additionally, any standard rod or pole of any desired length serves as the pole portion of the PAINTease and can be attached in the same manner as the brush, but on the opposite end.”

"Quite often when one is painting certain areas it seems as though no ladder, stool and tool (brush) helps stretch to those out of reach places. The PAINTease is designed to simplify this situation and it works perfectly."

Theodore Koyzis and Dimitrios Mastoris, Inventors

The inventor added, “In addition, the universal design of the PAINTease makes it ideal for use with tools besides paint brushes, such as wire brushes, scrapers and even squeegees. This makes it beneficial to plasterers and virtually anyone involved in construction or handy work.”

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