Invents Unveils "Laundry Basket Liner", Keep Clothing Contaminate-Free At Laundramat

The Laundry Basket Liner is an easy, highly effective way to protect one's clothing when using public facilities.

Most everyone at one time or another has had to laundry clothes in a public facility, such as laundromat, apartment complex or hotel. Other people also use these facilities and one may be concerned about the possible transfer of germs and bacteria. The Laundry Basket Liner can provide a shield to protect one's clothing from contamination. A protective plastic sheathe that is specially designed for use with the rolling laundry baskets found in public facilities, the Laundry Basket Liner provides an effective shield to protect clothing.

The Patent Pending Laundry Basket Liner was invented by Sharon Blake Brown of Bronx, NY, who said, “Fabricated of a disposable, yet durable, thin, plastic material, the compact and lightweight Laundry Basket Liner resembles a large plastic bag. It is sized appropriately to readily accommodate any rolling basket configuration. A narrow elastic band at the top secures the Laundry Basket Liner around the rim of the basket. Applied and removed in a matter of seconds, the affordably priced Laundry Basket Liner fully covers the wire surfaces of a basket's interior, serving as an impenetrable shield between one's clothes and the residue, bacteria, and germs that are left behind in the basket.”

"Anyone who uses a public laundry facility knows they are not always clean and users do not want germs or bacteria from a previous user to attach to their items. The disposable Laundry Basket Liner perfectly fits over the rolling baskets used in these facilities and can be applied and removed in seconds while providing a perfect shield."

Sharon Blake Brown, Inventor

The inventor added, “One can also use the Laundry Basket Liner to line one's laundry bag to ensure the clean clothes go home, clean, and are not recontaminated by the laundry bag itself. The Laundry Basket Liner may also prove invaluable in establishments where multiple-use garments are laundered daily, such as hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes."

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