Invents Unveils 'EZ Tickets': Fast and Furious Has Nothing on These Movers and Shakers.

There will be no travelers beware signs when this new method to obtain a way to board a train is available. It is an easy method to provide metropolitan commuters with an organized and convenient method of ticket payment and acquisition. EZ Tickets provides metropolitan commuters with a much more organized and convenient method of fare payment and ticket acquisition and eliminates the need to rely on ticket windows or automated machines. Better yet, tickets will also be available to be sent to any smartphone eliminating the need for paper altogether. EZ Tickets would handily streamline the process of boarding a train.

EZ Tickets is an improvement to mass transit ticketing and is essentially a handheld device specially designed for use by mass transit personnel allowing them to sell and print out tickets to commuters. Commuters need only go straight to a subway or train platform or enter the train itself and pay personnel directly without the need to stand in a line. It is a compact electronic unit pre-programmed with standard flat fares, as well as zone designations and peak/off-peak rates. Wireless capabilities allow the unit to be easily used by mobile transit employees, as they could be stationed throughout terminals, platforms, and on trains to assist commuters with their ticketing needs. Once the needed ticket or pass is requested, the EZ Tickets machine is equipped to accept credit or debit card payment (or the agent can accept cash), and with the user following on-screen prompts, be able to print out a physical ticket, right on the spot. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in EZ Tickets.

EZ Tickets is Patent Pending and was invented by Teresa Bates of Brooklyn, NY who said, “EZ Tickets provide the perfect way to move beyond and through the long lines of those waiting to buy tickets for their way home or to work. E Tickets remove the need to stand in line and streamlines the process of boarding a train.”

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