Invents Unveils "EZ Shade Cover", Inexpensive Decor Upgrade On Existing Lampshades

The EZ Shade Cover customizes and tailors the look of a room easily, quickly, and economically with decorative fabric covers/sleeves for existing lampshades.

If one wants to customize and tailor the look and atmosphere of a room easily, quickly, and at very little cost, the EZ Shade Cover is the answer. With the EZ Shade Cover one can change every lampshade in a home for the cost one would normally pay for a single lampshade. The EZ Shade Cover is a product line of decorative fabric covers or sleeves for existing lampshades. Easily affordable and easy to install, the EZ Shade Covers change, clean, or upgrade a lampshade for a fresh, new look without the expense of buying a new lampshade. Households, businesses, and institutions can be refreshed as often as one desires.

The EZ Shade Cover is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match the most popular sizes and shapes of lampshades – barrel, drum, oval, hexagon, bell, rectangular, etc. The covers are also produced in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and prints – from burlap and canvas to satin, silk, muslin, and velveteen. Heat resistant fabrics are also available. The material is washable, compatible for iron-ons or heat transfers, and stretchable, to be form-fitting. Design potential for the E Shade Covers is immense and various designs can include brocade or lace trims and accents, colorful floral patterns, animal prints; sports and outdoor motifs; seasonal and holiday designs; childhood designs for boys and girls; masculine and feminine prints; custom business or establishment logos; and so forth.

"Updating one's home can be a costly experience, but here is one way to update in a manner that is easy and cost effective. The EZ Shade Cover has design potential for all ages, genders, themes, styles as well as Logo and custom covers for existing lampshades."

Joe Phillips , Inventor

The Patent Pending EZ Shade Cover was invented by Joe Phillips of Joshua Tree, CA, who said, “The EZ Shade Cover is simply slipped over the existing lampshade, then tightened and locked into place with the top and bottom drawstring. The drawstring and lock are then tucked away out of sight within the inner pocket and the EZ Shade Cover is smoothed over the existing shade, resulting in a smooth and desirable custom finish.”

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