Invents Unveils "Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook": Cuts Labor Effort in Half and Allows for Cleaning Curtain or Liner With Ease

Anyone who has ever changed a shower curtain and liner will quickly see the benefits of this unique new hook. Hanging a shower curtain and a liner has been a continuous labor heavy problem until now. The Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook is a line of specially designed, open-ended dual hooks for shower curtains. The design intent is to provide consumers with an elegant and effective bath accessory that is safer, easier, and less time consuming to install and use. Attractive and practical, shower curtains and liners can be applied to, and removed from, the Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook in a matter of seconds, thus allowing one to easily change a shower curtain or liner with or without removing the other, as often as they please for cleanliness, or simply for changing up the bathroom décor.

The Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook is fashioned of a durable metal material measuring approximately 3¾”L by  2½”W featuring a bulbous shape, each end of which tapers downward on either side to become a J-hook curling upwards. In this manner, the grommets of a shower curtain can be simply suspended from one side of the hook while the liner holes are placed on the opposite hook without the need to insert a snap hook into both. One only needs to place each Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook onto the rod and then suspend the curtain and liner as described; swiftly and easily a brand new, easy to use shower curtain configuration is available. When curtains need to be removed for cleaning or changing, they only need to be lifted from the open ended hook.
The Double Sided Shower Curtain Hook is Patent Pending and was invented by Arlene Craig of Brooklyn, NY who said, “By replacing the standard snap-hook-to-grommet method of curtain installation, this unit allows the liner to be laundered without taking everything down. This hook works and looks beautiful when gliding on the rod  and eliminates the possibility of tearing or wrestling with the assembly if it jams. It is simple in design and application and perfect for maintenance. It works.”

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