Invents Unveils "Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner", Ease Duties Of Maintenance Personnel

The Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner eliminates manually handling waste when emptying sanitary napkin trash receptacles.

When disposing of hygiene products in restrooms, many females “miss” the bag that is inside the receptacle for these products, discarding them outside the liner. Maintenance professionals and janitors are then presented with the task of removing these soiled feminine hygiene products from the trash can. The Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner protects these professionals from exposure to the germs and bacteria commonly associated with hygiene products when emptying the receptacles .A specially designed paper trash liner, the Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner is designed to fit within sanitary napkin trash receptacles found in restroom stalls. It encompasses the interior of the receptacle completely, providing maintenance professionals a sanitary and easily managed alternative to traditional trash liners.

Manufactured of a biodegradable, sanitary wax coated paper material, the Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner is a rectangular shaped, semi rigid bag with an opened top. Universal in design to accommodate virtually any standard restroom stall trash receptacle, the Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner has a tan hue to discreetly hide the contents of the bag from view.

"Anyone who works in janitorial and maintenance will see the extreme benefits of the Disposable Sanitary Napkin liner. The bag masks feminine hygiene trash when being removed. Best of all, it keeps personnel from having contact with the contents of the trash in bathrooms."

Richard Opher, Inventor

The Patent Pending Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner was invented by Richard Opher of Baltimore, MD, who said, “Professional janitors and other maintenance personnel simply use these bags to line feminine hygiene trash receptacles found in restroom stalls. Those using the restroom then deposit sanitary napkin wrapper and other feminine hygiene products directly within the Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner. The maintenance professionals then remove the filled bag from the trash receptacle and inset a fresh Disposable Sanitary Napkin Liner. The bag is then appropriately discarded along with other collected refuse.”

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