Invents Unveils "Air Squares:", Cool/Heat Unit—Regulate Body Temperature

The Air Squares are a creative solution and an inexpensive, convenient, and reusable cooling or heating pad attached to clothing being worn by the user.

A line of cooling and heating pads, the Air Squares, regulate the body's temperature outdoors or indoors during hot or cold conditions or during sporting or leisure activities. The Air Squares is composed of a plastic pad like pouch or impregnated fabric which contains the cooling or heating agent. Available in various shapes and sizes, the pads have adhesive strips on one side and Velcro® strips on the reverse side to attach to clothing and hold the pad in position. The Air Squares are also applicable for animal use.

The Patent Pending Air Squares was invented by Johnnie Brown, Mark Alston, and Jonathan Palmer of South River, NJ, who said, “The cooling pads can be not only used to cool down the body when participating in sports or leisure activities, but also in overheated work environments such as kitchens and certain manufacturing facilities. They can also be used for relieving swelling of the wrists and ankles or any part of the body that is healing from post operative recovery. The Air Squares can help reduce heat exhaustion symptoms as well as headache stress, fainting, and fatigue caused by hot weather.”

"We believe that Air Squares work in numerous work environments and can be used for relieving swelling following surgery as well. They work on aching muscles, tight backs and keep a user comfortable (both cooling and heating wise)."

Johnnie Brown, Mark Alston, and Jonathan Palmer, Inventors

The inventors added, “The heating pad can be used in the same manner as the cooling pads for relief from the cold as well as for pain management. They are useful on aching muscles, tight backs, and to simply keep warm on frigid days and nights. This heating pad can be microwavable or can contain sodium acetate to activate the heating process.”

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