Invents Reveals "The Trucker Universal Belt": Stamped With a Style for Fashionable Use With Total Comfort

If you have ever walked down the aisle of a truck stop it is almost certain you have noticed the belt being worn by the trucker coming toward you. Belt buckles are indicative of the personality and character of the wearer and offer individuality and recognition. The Trucker Universal Belt is a stylish and practical do-it-yourself alternative to existing belts. The kit includes all the parts and tools needed for the user to cut and assemble their belt and accepts standard interchangeable slide in belt buckles.

The Trucker Universal Belt kit includes a uncut serpentine belt, buckle mount, Allen wrench and a hole punch. The belt would be available in a variety of standard belt serpentine widths. 1” wide could be used for dress belts and the 1.75” wide for work belts. Wider belts would be produced from truck serpentine belts, narrower belts from automotive serpentine belts. The come in lengths up to 6ft which could be cut to size for individual needs. The buckle mount will be attached to one end of the belt by tightening the Allen screws onto the inserted belts end. The belt will be cut to desired length by the user on the other end, usually six to eight inches longer than their waist size. The hole punch will be used for making the properly-spaced holes on the other end of the belt, usually four to six spaced holes, allowing the user to loosen or tighten the belt as needed. The buckle mount allows the use of universal slide-in buckles already owned by the user or available for purchase through other retailers. The buckle mount may be manufactured from stamped steel, forged metal or 3D printed. The buckles can be interchanged letting the user customize a more stylish dress belt, a practical work belt or a casual belt as desired.
The Trucker Universal Belt is Patent Pending and was invented by Charles Campbell of Manteno, IL who said, “The outlets where the Trucker Universal Belt is available are numerous including men’s clothing stores, work clothing shops, home centers, discount and auto parts stores as well as mail order, catalog, internet websites and similar links. Professional truckers and those institutional users will benefit from its use and appreciate the comfort and design it provide. It works.”

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