Invents Releases "The Smart Toilet Advanced App": Functions Perfectly for Both Males and Females

Wives and mothers will celebrate this new way for males in the house to use the bathroom. It is the solution to the age old problem of putting the seat down as well as it also has a water-saving function. The Smart Toilet Advanced App is a Bluetooth® compatible software application for android and iPhones designed to operate the smart toilet also known as Ruyan. This app is technologically advanced to work as a remote control for the smart toilet. This app can also be used as a marketing tool explaining the smart toilet features to consumers. A water saving function is set for urine only with a single flush option. Separate functions for male users include a male function button on the app so when the button is pushed the seat will raise/open to the upright position, and when he leaves both the seat and lid will automatically close and flush.

            The software application will have one free version for android and iPhone, as well as one paid version for each. Retail outlets will benefit from this feature. The paid features or free app explains all the features of the product in graphics. Additional features include a link to a video commercial and a PDF format to download. The paid app features all the free features plus BluetoothÒ and enables technological advanced consumers to use their android or iPhone as the remote control. The Ruyan is in two sections with the seat area designed to be removable to allow for repairs if necessary. The single flush option (for urine) is also a water saving function.

The Smart Toilet Advanced App is Patent Pending and was invented by Donovan Henry of East Orange, NJ who said, “This works perfectly with the Ruyan and will be appreciated by all users whether in a home an office or establishments of all types including institutional facilities. It works.”

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