Invents Releases "The Adapter", Work The Middleman To Connect To Other Devices

A line of hard-plastic adapters, The Adapter, is a way to plug any electronic device into whatever other piece of technology one wants to use.

Today people connect their electronic devices to everything – cars, computers, projectors, and speakers. They share music, photos, documents, videos and everything else one can digitize by plugging in to a hard drive. It only makes sense that there should be a way to plug these electronics into whatever other piece of technology one wants to use. Now there is a way. A line of small, discrete hard plastic adapters, the Adapter helps connect new products with favorite existing accessories, regardless of whatever technological requirements or incompatibilities may come with new technology.

The Adapter is a “middle-man” that connects to any smartphone, tablet or general electronic device, regardless of its plug or compatibility requirements. It features a capped USB plug with a flip down connector and also a version with various cord lengths which also feature a standard USB or mini-USB plug, which fits any conventional USB port. The Adapter has various models which differ only on the input sides or where the female port is located. Models are configured to accept various male inputs from the various electronic devices that are available on the market. In this manner, customers can select the right adapter for their current devices, insert its cord or plug into the female receiving port of the Adapter, and then plug the Adapter (flip down or cord connector USB) into the desired device.

"The Adapter gives users the unusual ability to connect with new technology and it all works perfectly. Saves money, time and frustration for the user."

Marcus Lowe, Inventor

The Patent Pending Adapter was invented by Marcus Lowe of Missouri City, TX, who said, “The Adapter is useful to anyone who owns or uses technology in the office, at home or on-the-go. With the Adapter, consumers can keep the devices they currently own and still connect with new technology without having to spend money upgrading every piece of technology one owns.”

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