Invents Releases 'Stop Fire': Reduces the Chance of Accidental Fires

Attention campers and hikers. The ability to have a fire while in the outdoors, away from civilization, is a tempting situation but can also be dangerous. Campers and hikers building campfires for a barbecue at a park or in the wilderness will find Stop Fire a useful safety tool because it helps prevent damage from an accidental fire. Stop Fire is a multifaceted “quenching” agent system specially designed for preventing large, rapidly spreading fires. "Quenching" in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary is described as put out, extinguish – put out the fire and quench glowing coals – to cause to lose heat or warmth. Stop Fire does just that. The design intent is to provide an efficient and effective alternative ensuring a campfire has been fully extinguished.

This system provides numerous benefits and advantages over current fire-fighting procedures. Quenching agents concentrated into specially designed boxes that are more easily directed to the source of the fire and this method allows users to expediently ensure the fire is out. This a clever, quick-acting arsenal letting campers follow the correct fire-setting procedure without the worry of accidentally causing a raging wildfire. The Stop Fire system contains concentrated quenching agents that can be widely distributed at the point of impact and alleviate wasted overuse. Stop Fire offers a convenient, accessible means to ensure that any campfire is completely staunched. The Stop Fire is comprised of a round or triangular box unit, measuring approximately 25”H x 30”W. Featuring mesh egress points over its construction, the box incorporates a mixture of sand and water as quenching agents to completely smother embers and even flames. Stop Fire should be added to one’s camping equipment or made available in parks for consumer use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Stop Fire.
The Stop Fire is Patent Pending and was invented by Humberto Pena of Bronx, New York, who said, “Avid outdoorsmen recognize the need for properly caring for the environment when it comes to campfires. Stop Fire can prevent or at least keep to a minimum the costly loss of damage by fire as well as the potential loss of life. It works.”

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