Invents Presents "Independence Clean": Personal Cleanliness Easily Provided for Those Disabled or Mobility Impaired.

As one ages or becomes mobility restricted the kinds of personal cleanliness such as cleaning the genital area becomes more difficult. That particular duty is made simpler an d easier when this new unit is installed. Independence Clean is an elevated toilet seat which features a retractable, under-seat shower-spray designed to fully clean the perinea area of persons who cannot do so themselves. Easy to use and easily installed, the Independence Clean greatly assists the elderly or disabled in independently maintaining their personal hygiene which is a characteristic all individuals favor and desire.

This product is an elevated, padded vinyl toilet seat the side of which is equipped with a retractable, shower-spray head. The spray-head, when pushed from the side into the toilet bowl, is oriented upward, and designed to gently but thoroughly spray, clean, and rinse an individual's perineal region, so they only need afterward is dry themselves off. The Independence Clean has a foam-padded interior and an easy-clean, vinyl exterior. Also, like other elevated seats, the Independence Clean rests directly onto the rim of the toilet. In one side of the Independence Clean is a channel occupied by the retractable, sliding spray-head and tube. This channel can on either side of the toilet. The spray-head and tube require a piped or flex-hose connection. When the Independence Clean spray-head, tube and handle are retracted, the toilet will function normally, the spray-head and part of the tube is concealed within the channel in the side of the seat. When extended, only the handle will remain outside the toilet seat and the spray-head will be positioned beneath the center of the seat. With the Independence Clean, elderly or disabled have an easy-to-use means of cleaning themselves up, gently but thoroughly after using the toilet. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Independence Clean.
The Independence Clean is Patent Pending and has an available working prototype. It was invented by Tracy Thomas of Bronx, NY who said, “This is the perfect device for personal dignity and hygiene and all users will appreciate and benefit from its use because it works.”

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